2012 EVENTS-


Real Body Story is on the road filming a documentary about battling anorexia.  The film takes an in-depth look at the physiological, emotional and financial struggles behind an eating disorder. 


Real Body Story offers two workshops: one event for adults and one for teens.  Events are FREE; sharing my story is part of serving my community.


I. Real Body Story: The Importance of Externalizing Contentment with Your Real Body
Have you ever considered how your body dissatisfaction may influence others?  Are you preoccupied with beauty and perfection?  If we focus on ourselves and waste time obsessing about our physical deficiencies it becomes difficult to see beyond the self and serve others.  Find out how the messages we communicate about body image are imitated by our peers, sisters and daughters. 

A perfect event for universities, community groups, and churches.  We can customize a program for your group’s needs. 


II.  influence- A Real Body Story Event for Teens

Teens are you aware of your influence?  Learn techniques to use peer influence in a positive way.
45 minute event geared for girls ages 11-17. 
Download our free teen resource page with interesting facts about peer influence.


Call or e-mail for details: (916) 233-8821 | [email protected]



March- Love Your Body Week at Sierra College, Rocklin, CA



Real Body Story Side Notes
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Featured in Film

In theaters across the country, audiences are viewing Darryl Roberts film, America the Beautiful- The Thin Commandments.  The film covers topics including weight loss, the Body Mass Index and the negative affects of dieting.  The film features a section about Jenn and the message...More

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Ageist Ad Rule #3

Ageist advertisements are nothing new.  American’s infatuation with maintaining a youthful appearance is evidenced in advertisements spanning nearly 100 years.  Woman in the U.S. culture are told they should “guard against” signs of aging and consumer advertising...More

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Ageist Ad Rule #2

Fight. When I think of the word, it brings back memories of my school age days; bullies in the hallway or mean girls making threats and instigating a melee. The connotation of the word itself arouses emotions of defensiveness and anxiousness. I don't associate the word with adult images because...More

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Ageist Ad Rule #1

Ageist language in advertisements may help consumers identify problems they wouldn’t recognize on their own; without the help of marketers.  For example, the following advertisement claims that your face should be void of facial lines.  In a recent classroom exercise, I...More

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Ageism- A Weekly Look at Advertisements

A Wrinkle in Our Time: Ageist Language in Advertisements

In the early 1990s waif-like models and the desire to be ultra thin was a prevailing theme in advertising.  From perfume to blue jean advertisements models selling these items looked emaciated yet...More

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Real Body Story Side Notes
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